The List of English Speaking Countries in Africa

There are 54 countries in Africa and all of them have at least some citizens who can speak English. These countries, along with two or more other African countries that also have English speaking populations is where one should first be looking to help develop as a digital coach abroad. Of course you could travel to every country on the continent, but focusing your efforts here will get you onto the ground running much quicker. Top Five Countries in Europe That Speak English

  • English speaking populations are where one should first be looking to help develop as a digital coach abroad.
  • Of course you could travel to every country on the continent, but focusing your efforts here will get you onto the ground running much quicker.
  • Having knowledge of English will make your job as a digital coach much easier.

English Speaking Countries in Africa: An Overview

Africa is a continent that is home to many different cultures and languages. Of all the languages spoken on the continent, English is the most commonly used language for business and trade. There are a number of English-speaking countries in Africa, each with its own unique history and culture. This makes it a difficult choice for digital nomads to know where to go to get the best experience in working remotely. But which country to focus on depends on a number of factors, the most important being your background, job interests, and work style.

English Speaking Countries in North Africa

The North African countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya are all considered English speaking countries. This is because English is commonly used as a second language in these countries. While the level of English proficiency varies from country to country, it is generally considered to be high. Language proficiency depends on a variety of factors. Culture, occupation, educational background, and level of wealth all affect how proficient a person is in the English language. For the most part, North African English is a learned language. People who have lived and worked in the United States or other English speaking countries are usually more proficient at speaking English.

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English Speaking Countries in East Africa

East Africa is home to a number of English speaking countries. These countries include Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The English language is widely spoken in these countries, making it easy for visitors to communicate with the locals. However, there are areas of the country where English is not widely spoken. These include some parts of Uganda and Kenya. There are also some areas in these countries where English is considered an ‘off-set’ language, meaning that it is widely used as a second language.

English Speaking Countries in Southern Africa

There are a few English speaking countries in Southern Africa. The most well known is South Africa, which is a large and diverse country. Other countries include Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana. These countries have English language as a second language. They are further subdivided into different ethnic groups and different cultures. There are also many white South Africans who speak English. These include Afrikaners and British people who have married South African women.

English Speaking Countries in West Africa

There are a few English speaking countries in West Africa. The most notable are Nigeria, Ghana, and Gambia. These countries are all former British colonies and share a common language and culture. English is the official language in all three countries and is used in business and government. There are a few English speaking countries in Middle Africa. The most well known is Mali, which is located in the Sahara desert and has vast areas of sand dunes. Other countries include Senegal, Mauritania, and Cape Verde. These countries have English as their primary language and are among the most French influenced countries in the world.

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– What are the best countries for digital nomads?

There are many great countries for digital nomads to live and work, but some stand out above the rest. Countries like Spain, Thailand, and Colombia offer great weather, interesting cultures, and affordable cost of living.

– Where are the areas in Uganda and Kenya where English is used as a second language?

These areas are mainly in the cities and towns, where people use English to communicate with each other. However, as it is a recent trend, it is still in its early stages. There are places where English is used only as a second language such as Kenya and Tanzania.

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