why study English

Why Study English? 7 Reasons for You

Internationalization is a hot trend in business today. More and more companies are going global, and businesses cannot rely on the US market alone to get by. The United States has been labeled as a “bilingual” country. We speak English but also Spanish. Around 1 in 4 Americans speaks Spanish or about 40 million people. … Read more

learning in English

See What We Learn in English

New York University is one of the best universities when it comes to studying business and administration. That’s why so many students from India, Africa, Asia and Middle East decide to study in New York City. You can join them this semester. The American university has introduced a number of courses for people whose mother … Read more

why learn English

Why Learn English?

English is the international language, making it an attractive option for anyone living in a country where English is not spoken. Not only that, but learning English opens up education and job opportunities throughout the world. Learning English can be done through the use of digital coaching services that are available online. However, learning English … Read more

how to speak fluent English without hesitation

How to Speak Fluent English without Hesitation

If you are afraid of making mistakes when speaking English, these tips will help you feel comfortable talking in public or with native speakers. As an additional point, I have also included some grammar rules that might come in handy too. How to Improve Your English Speaking Fluency Start by building your confidence To build a … Read more