countries with english as official language

Countries that Speak English as an Official Language

English is a universal language, spoken and understood by many. Here’s a list of the world’s English-speaking countries from the highest percentage to the lowest: The 10 Largest English Speaking Countries # of Speakers United States 274 million United Kingdom 63 million Canada 23 million Australia 21 million New Zealand 4. 8 million South Africa … Read more

is English the hardest language to learn

Is English the hardest language to learn? Why or why not?

A Reddit thread that asked users which was the hardest language to learn in their opinion recently went viral. Over 6, 000 people commented and around 1, 600 of those people voted for English. We did some digging and looked into the reasons why. How Difficult is English for Non Native Speakers? The Difficulty of Learning … Read more

reading comprehension strategies

7 Ideas on How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

For many, reading is a skill that continues to need improvement throughout life. Whether it’s for school or personal enjoyment, learning how to read and understand more is essential. Many people struggle with this task, so here are seven helpful tips for anyone who wants to better their reading comprehension skills. What You May Have Missed … Read more

language proficiency levels

Tips to Add Language Proficiency Levels to Your Resume

Looking for a new position? Have you considered adding language proficiency levels to your resume? Employers don’t always advertise for multilingual candidates, but they’re certainly out there. To find these positions, you’ll need to show that you can understand different dialects and nuances of other languages. Read on for three ways to add additional language … Read more

is English hard to learn

How Difficult is English for Non Native Speakers?

The vast majority of e-learning material, even on sites that teach English as a second language, is based in the USA. But what about learners from non-English speaking countries? Even when these things are translated for other countries, it is commonly acknowledged by English as Second Language speakers that they still contain certain difficulties. Finding … Read more