Busuu: Learn English – App Review

Busuu is a great app for learning English.

It has an intuitive interface, simple lessons and it’s really easy to learn how to speak English with Busuu.Busuu is a free app that enables people around the world to learn English. It’s an online tool that you can use to learn English in your spare time, with the added benefit of being able to speak, listen and write while doing so. This article is our review of this educational app, which will help you decide if it’s worth downloading or not.

Busuu is a mobile application that offers an innovative way to learn English. The app combines social networking and traditional learning methods to help you speak, read, and write in English. In the following article, we’ll take a look at how Busuu works, the types of lessons it offers, and how its design complements this learning experience.

If you want to learn English in the most effective way,

With the highest quality and most efficient learning method, Busuu is your answer. It has over 120 million registered users, who have joined its community of 1.2 million native speakers.

It’s not just American, Canadian,Australian and British accents that come in the languages of the world. Busuu’s global partners include Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and more.

Busuu is a social learning tool that allows you to learn with over 5000 native English speakers who will listen to your mistakes and correct them. The app has a great interface and offers an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking to learn English as a second language.

Do you want to learn English grammar and pronunciation?

Then join the Busuu community of English speakers!

You will have an opportunity to practise your English skills with native English-speaking natives. And at the same time, you can help others by correcting their English writing.

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If you are looking for a place to learn English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, Busuu is the perfect place for you. On Busuu, native English speakers can teach you how to speak English better! By sharing their knowledge with others in your native language, they can help you practice what you have learned.

Busuu’s 100% free app is available on both iOS and Android devices with a native-like experience, including an integrated dictionary and real-time translation features in any language or combination of languages you choose to learn with it.👍 #learnenglish #busuuspeaks.


★ Learn English grammar & vocabulary with specific units, audio dialogues, language games and interactive tests.
★ Increase and 10x your English vocabulary with the review feature
★ Submit practice exercises where native speakers will help you perfect your English grammar.
★ Set yourself a personalised goal to ensure you are reaching your English learning objectives.
★ Personalised to fit your style of learning, ensuring you become proficient in the shortest possible time.
★ Learn the most important 150 topics and 3000 words, specific English training.
★ Test your English grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation with fun quizzes and word games to see how much you have learnt.

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What is Busuu?

Busuu is an education directory that gives people of all ages the opportunity to practice their English using instant, real-time feedback. The customer learns more each time and wants to do better next time they review THEIR exercises in TIME!

busuu was created as a place for students and teachers around the world who wanted to find one another at a reasonable price.

Busuu’s website has proven valuable in helping millions of users discover

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a community of people that share a love for learning.

The go to place where you can find native English speakers who are ready, willing and able help with almost any kind of request!

How much doew Busuu cost?

busuu has a free plan. If you want to take advantage of paid features or if the free service doesn’t meet your needs then our subscription option fits most people’s budget for $4-$24 per month (saves 50-70% off) but you can try it out and cancel any time as not part in any sort of commitment!

How much is busuu?

busuu is free for students. People with questions about the website should check out our FAQ page. If you want to take advantage of paid features or if the free service doesn’t meet your needs then our subscription option fits most people’s budget for $4-$24 per month (saves 50-70% off) but you can try it out and cancel any time as not part in any sort of commitment!

What languages does busuu have?

BUSUU is available in a wide range of languages, which we update more often than you’ll know.

Spanish | French | Japanese | English | German | Portuguese | Italian | Russian | Chinese | Turkish | Arabic | Polish.

Busuu or Babbel?

Babbel or Busuu are two of the most popular online language learning platforms. They both offer a variety of features, but which one is the best for you?

Both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. Babbel is better for people who want to learn a wide range of languages, while Busuu is better for people who want to focus on specific languages.

Babbel also has a more user-friendly interface, making it easier for beginners to start learning. Busuu also offers more courses and options for learners, making it more versatile.

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Ultimately, it depends on your needs and preferences which platform is best for you.

Busuu? Has anyone tried it? How does it compare to Duolingo?

Duolingo and Busuu are two of the most popular online learning platforms. Duolingo is more focused on language learning, while Busuu is more focused on general education.

Both platforms have their pros and cons, but overall they are both effective tools for learning new things.

Duolingo is better for people who want to focus primarily on language learning, while Busuu is better for people who want to learn about a variety of topics.

Both platforms offer free trials so that you can try them out before you decide whether or not they are right for you.

What are the best English learning apps?

There are many English learning apps available on the market, but the best ones vary depending on what you are looking for.

Some of the best English learning apps include:

1. FluentU: FluentU is a well-known and highly rated app that offers a variety of courses to help you learn English faster.
2. Duolingo: Duolingo is another popular app that offers a wide range of courses to help you improve your English skills.
3. Memrise: Memrise is an online platform that helps users learn new vocabulary and grammar concepts.
4. Tutorvista: Tutorvista is an online platform that connects students with qualified tutors from around the world.
5. Busuu: Busuu is an online platform that offers on-demand, personalized English learning and tutoring.

All of these learning platforms are very similar, but depending on your personal needs and preferences you may like one platform more than another.

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