When Did English Language Start?

when did English language start

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on which point of view you take. However, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the English language began to diverge from its predecessor, Latin, in the late 4th century AD. This divergence is also referred to as Old English or Anglo-Saxon.   When Did …

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5 Simple Methods to Study English

English study

Every day I seem to come across several articles in my social media newsfeeds on how people are trying to learn English and asking for information that can help them. As an entrepreneur, your target audience might be the same. Most aspiring entrepreneurs have one thing in common: They want to better themselves. And improving …

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Learn English Speaking at Home

how to learn English speaking at home

If you’re tired of the boring, dry method of learning how to speak English in a classroom setting, then it’s time to try some new methods and resources. Your goal is to master the English language, and that isn’t achieved by simply taking an English class at your local community college. Keep reading to learn …

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English Songs for Learning English for Free

English songs for learning English

Learning a new language can seem like a daunting task. All around the world, many people are trying to do just that in an effort to broaden their horizons and open up career opportunities. Unfortunately, some of these folks turn to expensive English classes or apps to learn English. This article will teach you where …

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Why Is English Easy to Learn

is English easy to learn

English is an official language in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and a few other nations. As you can see there are many more reasons why people would want to learn English for business purposes than there are for many other languages. When you’re trying to start an online business you’ll notice …

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Learn How to Write Your First English Note

English notes

While the language barrier may have slowed progress over the years, China is now ready to enter the world. However, for most Western businesses, working with Chinese companies can seem daunting at first. Whether you are looking to start a business in China or expand into the market, learning how to write your first English …

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Famous Quotes About Learning Languages

quotes about learning languages

We’re looking at languages here today – specifically, English quotes that will help us learn it. In this post we’ll take a look at some of the most popular words of wisdom passed down through the years and how they can inspire us in language learning. Learn more about these famous quotes about learning languages …

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7 Best Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

how to improve listening skills

Listening skills are extremely important, and people tend to pay little attention to them. However, great listening skills have the potential to build relationships and that’s especially true in sales. Here are some ideas for getting your ear in shape before heading out into the market: Start by setting aside time to focus on improving …

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Non-native Speakers: How Hard Is It to Learn English?

how hard is English to learn

For those who are non-native speakers and just want to know, how hard is it to learn English? Here is your answer. Learning a new language can be very challenging and not everything you read online will prove to be helpful. With that being said, here are five great tips that should help you improve …

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Why Is English Language So Important?

important of English language

Whether traveling to an English-speaking country or communicating with international business colleagues, the need for fluency in English is vital. For tourists, being able to communicate, whether orally or written is not only convenient, but safer. Being unfamiliar with the local language could lead to theft or even getting lost. Read on to find out …

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